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My career

With agile coaches across the globe, agile42 provides world-class coaching, mentoring and training at all levels ranging from individuals and teams to leaders and whole organisations.

As an agile coach at agile42, I enjoy working with organisations that desire to attain higher productivity, continuous innovation and extraordinary performance through the adoption of agile and lean methods like Scrum, XP and Kanban.

I have successfully supported small, medium-sized and large organisations operating in various industries such as software, automotive, healthcare, online retail, electrical engineering, biotechnology, marketing, banking, education and pharmaceuticals.

Selected clients:

During my paternity break, I helped various startups with creating their product development strategy, planning their software architecture and technological infrastructure, recruiting product and development teams, introducing engineering practices and establishing agile software development methods.

Rocket Internet is a global online venture builder for e-commerce and online marketplaces with projects and employees on all continents.

At Rocket Internet, I acted as Project CTO for Rocket Internet's headquarters in Berlin. I was in charge of all newly launched projects and headed a team of up to 100 software engineers, project and product managers and testers.

My responsibilities included technical supervision, process improvement as well as coaching and leading engineering teams. I also worked closely with Rocket Internet's technology centres in China and Portugal and recruited more than 50 software engineers in Germany and Portugal.

Under my supervision, the launch teams at Rocket Internet successfully delivered international projects such as Jabong, Lazada, Linio, Zalora, Jumia and HelloFresh.

Foodpanda is a global online food delivery service. Together with its affiliated brands, Foodpanda operates in Asia, Europe, Latin America, Africa and Middle-East.

After moving from Rocket Internet itself to its priority project Foodpanda, I was responsible for assembling and leading a team of 30+ software engineers, product managers, system engineers and software quality experts. While collaborating with up to 100 stakeholders who represented different Foodpanda markets, I was managing and aligning Foodpanda's product development.

Our team offered an order management software, mobile client applications and individual partner integrations to 30+ countries, ensuring an excellent end-to-end experience and frequent product improvements while continuously optimising our systems with regard to scalability, performance and security.

Motivado assists people in finding solutions for personal issues and reaching goals by closing the gap between cost-intensive personal coaching and the general guidebook market with its interactive video coaching.

I co-founded Motivado and was part of a cross-functional Scrum team of diversely skilled people ranging from software developers to psychologists. In a highly agile fashion, we shipped new product increments frequently, continuously optimised our processes and used agile engineering practices to create a great product that has won an award from Germany's Federal Ministry for Economy and Technology.

Motivado's software components include an online shopping system for coaching content, a web-based application for configuring coachings, a database importer for coaching content, an API for delivering coaching content as well as a frontend for displaying the video-based coaching content.

Apart from being an online travel community, mytourclips offered direct trip booking, travel news and multimedia sharing.

As a member of the software development team, I managed an extensive refactoring of the existing web application on the basis of my web application framework nacho. The goal was to prepare the platform for high traffic and the international establishment of the product.

Inkarnatoons creates high quality animated movies, illustrated advertising material and visual concepts using a wide range of styles and techniques. I contributed hand-drawn and digitally edited character animations and scenery design to the 15-minute movie Judas and Jesus.

I started developing software in 1999 and went on to working as a freelance web and software developer, gaining experience mainly in the travel and e-commerce industries.

My experience includes frontend and backend development, software architecture, automated testing, rapid prototyping, continuous refactoring and performance optimisation. The primary technologies I used during that time were PHP, JavaScript, Apache, MySQL and common frameworks and libraries.

My qualifications

I am an active member of the Scrum Alliance and hold these certifications:

Certified ScrumMasterCertified Scrum Product Owner

Certified Scrum Professional ScrumMasterCertified Scrum Professional Product OwnerCertified Agile Leadership

Also, I am an active member of the LeanKanban University and hold these certifications:

Kanban Management Professional

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